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South Downs Way is a long distance footpath and bridleway running along the chalk hills in southern England. It is one of 16 National Trails in England and Wales. The trail runs for a total distance of 100 miles (160 km) from Winchester in Hampshire to Eastbourne in East Sussex via Exton in Hampshire, Buriton in Hampshire, Amberley in West Sussex , with an about 4,150 m of ascent and descent.

South Downs Way is not just for walkers but also to cyclists as the whole path is also open cyclists there are of the South Downs Way when cyclists will take a different part to hikers of the way. Along the way you will find many places to stay from B&Bs and camping.

Further down the page you will find the South Downs Way has been split up in to multiple stages from 4 days to 9 days.

South Downs Way Map

Map of the South Downs Way
Map of the South Downs Way

South Downs Way Interactive Map


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A number of bus services that operate within the South Downs include:

Trains Stations

  • Winchester
  • Petersfield
  • Amberley
  • Shoreham
  • Falmer
  • Seaton

Staged Itineraries

4 Day Walking Itinerary with Public Transport

If you are advanced walker who can handle 20 to 30 miles a day and live locally to the South Downs Way the below 4 day intierary might be of interest you! The 4 day stage that have been mapped out using train station as start and endpoint. This itinerary suits someone who has limited spare time and wants to complete trail own long period of time..

StageStart PointDistanceAscent / Descend (feet)
Day 1Winchester Train Station to Petersfield Train Station27.62709 ft / 2614 ft
Day 2Petersfield Train Station to Amberley Train Station 26.13011 ft / 3195 ft
Day 3Amberley Train Station to Falmer Train Station 29.73538 ft / 3415 ft
Day 4Falmer Train Station to Eastbourne Train Station263421 ft / 3441 ft
South Downs Way – 4 Day Walk Itinerary

6 Day Walking Itinerary

StageStart PointDistanceAscent / Descend (feet)
Day 1Winchester to East Meon172709 ft / 2614 ft
Day 2East Meon to Cocking213011 ft / 3195 ft
Day 3Cocking to Amberley 133538 ft / 3415 ft
Day 4Amberley to Pyecombe203421 ft / 3441 ft
Day 5Pyecombe to Alfriston22
Day 6Alfriston to Eastbourne11
South Downs Way – 6 Day Walk Itinerary
StageStart PointDistanceAscent / Descend (feet)
Day 1Winchester to Exton12
Day 2Exton to South Harting17
Day 3South Harting to Amberley 22
Day 4Amberley to Upper Beeding13
Day 5Upper Beeding to Kingston near Lewes18
Day 6Kingston near Lewes to Alfriston 11
Day 7Alfriston to Eastbourne11
South Downs Way – 7 Day Walk Itinerary

8 Day Walking Itinerary with Accommodation

For walkers looking for accommodation after each stage and prefer 10 to 17 mile distances this guide breaks the South Downs Way into 8 days worth of hiking. In short the maximum day of hiking would be 16.5 miles and minimum amount of hiking would be 10.7 miles. Also accommodation has been listed after each stage.

Stage Start Point Distance (miles) Ascent / Descend (feet) Accommodation
Stage 1 Winchester to Exton 12.31155 ftGeorge and Falcon, Wanford
Stage 2 Exton to Buriton 14.1The Five Bells
Stage 3 Buriton to Cocking 12.5The Blue Bells
Stage 4 Cocking to Amberley 13.1Black Horse
Stage 5 Amberley to Bramber 13.4Old Tollgate Hotel
Stage 6 Bramber to Housedean 16.5The Hovel at Housedean
Stage 7 Housedean to Alfrinston 14Wingrove House
Stage 8Alfinston to Eastbourne 10.7N/A
South Downs Way – 8 Day Walk Itinerary

9 Day Walking Itinerary

South Downs Way broken into 9 stages with the most miles you walk on stage being 14 miles and the lowest miles being 6 miles. This should be a manageable walk for most ages.

Stage Start Point Distance (miles) Ascent / Descend (feet)
Stage 1 Winchester to Exton12.31155 ft
Stage 2 Exton to Buriton12.5
Stage 3 Buriton to Cocking11.1
Stage 4 Cocking to Amberley 12.1
Stage 5 Amberley to Upper Breeding13.7
Stage 6 Upper Breeding to Pyecombe 6.6
Stage 7 Pyecombe to Kingston 11.1
Stage 8Kingston to Alfinston 11.6
Stage 9 Alfinston to Eastbourne 10.9
South Downs Way – 9 Day Walk Itinerary

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